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Brutalist Interiors — A Surprisingly Personal Home Design Trend

Brutalist design is having a moment. Should you hop on board with this trending, often-misunderstood interior design style? Find out the answer by learning more about brutalism's goals and methods while reading how you can incorporate them at home. 

What Is Brutalism?

Brutalist design is the opposite of many more refined and artificial design aesthetics. It embraces simplicity, geometric style, and honesty in the materials used in construction and decor. Rather than cover up a concrete wall with paint, artificial materials, artwork, decorations, or fabrics, brutalism lets the concrete be the highlight. It leaves that concrete open and real, and therefore embraces the artistry that it brings to the space. 

This style, though, is not impractical. It values space, logical traffic flow, and focusing on what's needed in an interior room. 

How Has Brutalist Design Evolved?

Mid-Century brutalist design fell out of favor as it became associated with extreme regimes, lack of imagination, and an unflattering contrast with lighter aesthetics like Mid-Century Modern or farmhouse design.

But today's brutalism has evolved as well. It's softer, featuring more organic materials like wood and stone. It has embraced both matte and polished metals like brass, copper, and silver. And it's lightened up, both figuratively and visually. 

How Can You Incorporate Brutalism?

One key element of brutalist interior design remains the same: minimalism. The point is to let the textures, both full and empty spaces, and natural materials shine. Look for interesting natural materials that speak to you. While brutalism may seem very cold and sterile, it's very artistic. Sculptures, modern art pieces, statement lighting, and other unique elements work perfectly. 

Make your brutalist design more organic and softer by incorporating other interesting textures and fabrics. Accessorize a chunky, natural wood ottoman with fluffy faux fur for a surprising contrast. This embraces the honesty of both materials and lets you play with how they work together. Undefined, organic shapes can also be brutalist. A blob of color in a painting contrasts with the stark, industrial look of the wall behind it. 

Look for brutalist inspiration in what's already in your home. Feel free to expose some components, such as pipes or vents, that are hidden behind artificial walls. Is the room a harsh square shape? Embrace its geometric shape by complimenting that with chunky furniture while contrasting it with a rough-hewn and hand-made wood coffee table. Every design is unique to you.

Where Can You Get Help?

Many homeowners and renters are not intimately familiar with brutalist aesthetics, even though they may have unknowingly experienced them for years. To get help finding the right way to use brutalism in your home environment that is true to your personality and goals, meet with an interior decorator today. 

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