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Teach Your Child How To Decorate A Wooden Frame To Display Artwork Or A Photo

Teach your child how to decorate a wooden frame with sponge shapes, paint, and embellishments. Once they have finished the project, place a piece of artwork or a family photograph inside of the frame and display it in your child's bedroom.

Use The Following Materials

  • wooden frame
  • newspaper
  • washable paint
  • cup
  • bowls
  • foam brush
  • sponge shapes
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • rhinestones and gems
  • cotton swabs
  • glue
  • measuring tape
  • self adhesive trim
  • acrylic craft spray

Add Paint And Glitter

Cover a flat surface with newspaper and fill a cup of water to rinse the foam brush off with and several bowls of paint. Cut shapes out of full size sponges to decorate the frame with. Give your child a wooden frame and a foam brush. They can paint the frame one color and add different colors of paint on top of it with the sponge shapes.

Show your child how to dip the sponge shapes into the bowls and press them onto the frame in different spots. Layering the paint in this manner will add texture to the frame that will help it stand out and have a unique appearance. After your child is satisfied with the amount of paint that they have added, give them some glitter to sprinkle over the frame. The glitter will stick to the frame while the paint is wet. Once they have finished adding the glitter, wait for the frame to dry.

Add Rhinestones, Gems, And Trim

Give your child rhinestones and gems to place around the edge of the frame. Show them how to prepare each embellishment by dipping the end of a cotton swab in glue and applying it to the backside of each decoration. Once finished, your child can press the embellishments onto the frame's surface. If your child would like to add a fancy border around the frame, cut strips of self-adhesive trim that are the same length as each side of the frame. Peel off the paper backing from each strip and help your child press them down onto the edges of the frame.

After your child has finished decorating the frame, spray a coat of acrylic craft spray over the front of it. The craft spray will prevent the paint from fading and will help hold the embellishments in place. Insert a piece of artwork or photograph inside of the frame. Hang the frame on a wall in your child's bedroom for them to enjoy looking at each day. 

For more information about picture framing, contact Washington Framers' Workroom or a similar company.

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