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Using Flooring To Create The Perfect Atmosphere In Your Teenager's Bedroom

If your teenager feels like their floor is too "kiddish" or childlike, you might consider redoing the floor along with repainting the walls and rearranging the furniture. A different type of flooring can change the whole mood of the room. Take a look at some suggestions for creating a teen's perfect retreat.

Plush and Comfortable

If your teen likes to sit back and relax, you want to make a space that is inviting and comfortable. One way to do this is rip out the old carpet you didn't care what got spilled on and put in a plush carpet. The dense and durable nylon carpet served your child well when their bedroom was also a play room. But even if you get a down comforter and a fluffy lounge chair, that worn down carpet will dampen the relaxing effect. A plush carpet, on the other hand, adds to the luxurious tone created by new furniture. It is also one way to tell your teen that they are special and important to you.

Mature and Versatile

Maybe your teen isn't going for a plush, pampered look but wants something more mature and versatile in the bedroom. Once again, that super durable but unattractive carpet from their younger days needs to go. But consider this option instead: keep a bare floor instead of installing new carpet. Maybe carpet makes your teen feel like you're still afraid they'll fall and hurt themselves. Adolescents don't need the extra padding to protect themselves. Two great options for a teen who feels this way are laminate or hardwood. Once the new floor is down you can leave it as is or find a rug to match the other furnishings in the room. Then add a desk with a computer, television or stereo and the room has a nice, mature look. Keep the main area clear and the room is now versatile enough for relaxing and listening to music, visiting with friends, watching a movie, or quietly studying.

When it comes to your home, you have a lot of flooring options. However, when it comes to your teen's bedroom, you need something new and exciting that helps them feel more grown up and simultaneously creates the atmosphere your child needs. If your child needs a place to relax, feel a little pampered, and enjoy life then a plush carpet is a great flooring option. However, if your child wants to feel mature but still have a space to pursue their interests, then a hard floor and maybe a stylish rug is the way to go. 

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