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Four Reasons To Use Draperies With Window Blinds

Window blinds are useful for many reasons, but the color choices are limited and this can leave your windows looking stark and minimalistic. Adding draperies to your windows can dramatically change the way a room looks.

Add More Color to Your Rooms

Draperies add color. Many people choose window blinds in a neutral color. This type of window treatment tends to be a bit expensive and the neutral color ensure that they will match whatever decor colors you choose in the next few years. Adding draperies to your windows is an excellent way to bring all the furnishings together. Do this by selecting colors or prints that complement the pillows, throws and upholstery colors.

Add Interest to the Walls

Matching the blind color with the wall color draws less attention to the windows, but this can result in a boring space. If you choose window blinds with a wood-tone and have paneling on your walls, the walls make resemble a blank canvas. The same situation occurs if you have beige walls with beige window blinds or another neutral color. The draperies break up the monotony of the room and make the window area pop. The draws the eye to the colorful curtains and adds coziness to the  area.

Choose Fabrics with Texture

Draperies add texture. Draperies are available in a variety of materials. You can soften the look of a room by adding draperies in a silky, flowing fabric or you can select heavy-looking draperies in brocade, velour, or other fabrics with a bit of weight or bulk to create a focal point out of a large window. Dotted swiss fabrics or those with lines running through them, such as corduroy, add texture  to the overall look of the room. Anything that helps the eye to wander around the room adds interest and helps the viewer enjoy the overall look that best reflects your personality and tastes.

Draperies Help Darken a Room

Draperies help block out light. Even though window blinds are quite effective in blocking out light, the sun's rays or the light of streetlights can still seep into the room. People who are most comfortable sleeping in a room that is very dark can benefit most from adding draperies over the window blinds. The person can close the window blinds at night or when they want to take a nap and this helps block out any outdoor light sources.

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