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Tips for Using Plants in Interior Design

If you are thinking about designing a new home or redesigning your current home, you are likely looking to shake things up. You might have started to consider how you are going to incorporate more plants and other greenery into your home in order to make it feel more natural and welcoming. However, you might not be totally sure as to how to do that. Here are some tips for using plants in interior design. 

1. Use Glass Terrariums as Centerpieces

One interior design tip is to incorporate greenery into your centerpieces. However, it can be irritating to have to clear away dead leaves or other debris that plants tend to leave behind. One option for a centerpiece that won't cause a mess is to use a glass terrarium. Glass terrariums are extremely self-contained, which means that you won't have to worry about droppings. They also can be inhabited by cacti and other sturdy plants that will allow you to keep your overall maintenance and watering schedule to a minimum. Finally, you can even get fully enclosed terrariums that will catch the evaporating water, which will drip down the glass and back to the plants below, allowing the terrarium to be entirely self-sustaining.

2. Use Plants to Fill Corners

You might have unused corners of rooms that seem empty but are too small for any piece of furniture to fit without making the room seem cluttered. Tall, elegant plants are a great solution to this problem. They fill up the corner and make the room seem rounded out without cramping any living space or making the room seem claustrophobic. This is helpful for small apartments where there is not a lot of decorating space.

3. Include Plants in the Bathroom

Have some plants on the back of the toilet seat or in the corners of the bathroom can really help make the bathroom look nicer and feel more elegant. Getting plants that have a strong, pleasing smell naturally can also help mask unpleasant odors that tend to be found in the bathroom. This will make the bathroom a much more enjoyable space to be in and be a location that you can be proud to show off to your guests.

Talk to an interior designer like those at The Designers Envelope for more details. Many interior designers can be reached online, and you can send pictures of your home if you don't have time to set an appointment with a designer nearby.

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