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3 Decorating Hacks Designers Want You To Know

Your home is your castle, so you should want it to showcase your style and unique personality. Unfortunately, this can be challenging for some because of the wide variety of furnishings and decorative accessories available. Hiring an interior designer can be a worthwhile investment if you are struggling with decorating one or more rooms in your home, but knowing a few decorating hacks can make the process less overwhelming. Here are a few hacks to know when decorating your home.

Create a Focal Wall

Most people want some color in their home, but they avoid painting because they worry the color will be wrong or the color will be too overwhelming. Creating an accent wall is a great compromise.

Choose a wall in your home that will serve as a focal point in a room. For example, the wall behind your headboard in the bedroom or the wall surrounding your fireplace. Choose a paint color that you would never paint the entire room with and apply it to the one wall. Enjoy the pop of color while creating a focal point in the room.

If you prefer something more elaborate, consider installing wallpaper or another wall covering, such as shiplap or reclaimed wood, to the wall. Patterned wallpaper will add both color and definition while shiplap or reclaimed wood will both add rustic appeal and enormous texture.

Freshen Up the Coffee Table

Whether you use it as an actual table for coffee or it is more of an accent piece, the coffee table is a key part of your living or family room. In many cases, just freshening up this table with décor can change the entire look and feel of your room.

Create different layers on your coffee table using unique accessories and functional items. A tray with a short candle and a taller plant in the table's center works well. You can also stack a few coffee table books on the surface. Choose books that appeal to you and your family's interests, ensuring the décor works with your personalities.

Think Outside the Box

Finally, you do not have to decorate your home solely with accessories from a local home décor store. To add true style, be creative and think outside the box when buying accessories.

For example, instead of a normal coffee table, use an antique trunk. For plants, skip the traditional pot/planter and place the plant inside a decorative basket. Use antique rolling pins as decorative pieces in your kitchen.

Search antique shops and flea markets for your home's décor and be creative when displaying these items throughout your home.

If you need help pulling together ideas or just don't want to do it on your own, reach out to a professional with experience in interior design.

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inspiration to decorating your home

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