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Renovating Your Bathroom? 3 Tips For Avoiding Design Fails

Have you ever used a shower that is uncomfortably close to the toilet or used a vanity that was so close to another fixture the drawers couldn't open entirely? You may have witnessed a design fail. While DIY projects are known for coming along with their own list of risks, you can prevent problems by taking care of a few things before you start your renovation. Here are three ways to avoid design fails before you start reworking your bathroom. 

1.    Attend Your Local Home Parade It's hard to design something if you don't have an idea in mind of what you want, which is why touring other homes in your area is such a great move. Find out when the next home parade in your area is, and pay close attention to the bathrooms as you tour the houses. Pay attention to things like the floor plan, tile choice, and hardware. Take plenty of pictures so you can copy your favorite designs when you start your own project. 

In addition to using the home parade to get an idea of what you want, the event is also helpful to learn more about contractors in your area who offer home and bathroom remodeling services. Take notes when you find a bathroom you really love, and consider reaching out for professional help on your home.    

2.    Use An Online Bathroom Design Program  Whether you decide to work with a contractor or you feel comfortable renovating a bathroom on your own, it makes sense to create a layout of your space to make it easier to start the project. With a 3D rendering, you can explore different layouts and troubleshoot ideas—long before you meet with a contractor or start demo. 

To make the process easy, consider looking for a DIY online bathroom design program. Some versions offer free trials and allow you to type in the dimensions of your bathroom, making it simple to experiment with different designs. As you work, don't be afraid to try new things. 

3.    Work With An Interior Designer  Another expert you should consider consulting, even if you plan to do the work yourself, is an interior designer. With formal training designing functional home spaces and experience creating gorgeous bathrooms, an interior design team can work with you to help you to select all of the materials and finishes for your ideal bathroom space.  

Beginning a renovation is always a little intimidating, which is why using all of the resources available to you is such a great idea. When you are ready to break ground on a big home project like a renovation, make sure to work with a team of registered contractors in your area.  

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