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Storage Solutions for Your Small Custom Closet

Are you tired of looking for custom closet design ideas, only to find that most ideas assume your custom closet is enormous? You can have a lovely custom closet that's on the smaller side, too. Here are some storage ideas that you can work into your design when space is limited.

Mirror Behind Hooks

It's important to have some hooks in your closet. They're a good place to hang purses, belts, and even hats. You can save space by having hooks mounted on a hinged panel. When that panel is turned out on its hinges, there can be a mirror on the other side. This way, you can have both hooks and a mirror in half the space you'd otherwise use.

Pull-Down Shelves

In many closets, the higher parts of the walls tend to be wasted space. But when you have a smaller closet, you can't afford to waste this space. An efficient way to use it is to mount some pull-down shelves up there. These shelves are mounted on special hinges. When you pull on the edge of the shelf, it folds down towards you, so you can access all of the items on top of it. Then, you give it a gentle push, and it rises and slides back into place. These pull-down shelves can be a good place to keep items like hats and jewelry boxes.

Ceiling Hanger Bars

You can also have your designer mount a couple of bars stretching from one side of the closet to the other, above your head. You won't want to hang longer items on these bars because they'll get in your way, but you can use those bars to hold shorter items like sports bras, summer shirts, and bathing suits. This way, these items won't have to take up space on the other bars and shelves you use for longer clothes.

A Pull-Out Stool With Storage

When you're getting dressed, there might be times that you want a stool to either sit on or prop up your foot on. Instead of wasting space on just a stool, have your closet designer create an ottoman-like stool with storage space inside. Have the stool placed under a shelf so you can pull it out as needed.

The storage solutions above are great choices for a small closet. Use one, or use them all. Talk to your custom closet designer for more ideas.

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