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Four Reasons To Use Draperies With Window Blinds

Window blinds are useful for many reasons, but the color choices are limited and this can leave your windows looking stark and minimalistic. Adding draperies to your windows can dramatically change the way a room looks. Add More Color to Your Rooms Draperies add color. Many people choose window blinds in a neutral color. This type of window treatment tends to be a bit expensive and the neutral color ensure that they will match whatever decor colors you choose in the next few years. Read More 

Using Flooring To Create The Perfect Atmosphere In Your Teenager’s Bedroom

If your teenager feels like their floor is too "kiddish" or childlike, you might consider redoing the floor along with repainting the walls and rearranging the furniture. A different type of flooring can change the whole mood of the room. Take a look at some suggestions for creating a teen's perfect retreat. Plush and Comfortable If your teen likes to sit back and relax, you want to make a space that is inviting and comfortable. Read More 

Teach Your Child How To Decorate A Wooden Frame To Display Artwork Or A Photo

Teach your child how to decorate a wooden frame with sponge shapes, paint, and embellishments. Once they have finished the project, place a piece of artwork or a family photograph inside of the frame and display it in your child's bedroom. Use The Following Materials wooden frame newspaper washable paint cup bowls foam brush sponge shapes scissors glitter rhinestones and gems cotton swabs glue measuring tape self adhesive trim acrylic craft spray Add Paint And Glitter Read More 

It’s Time To Remodel That Kitchen!

Kitchens are important parts of the home, and they should be taken care of. However, there are times where a kitchen may need a complete makeover because of outdated kitchen appliances or lack of kitchen space. It is important to feel comfortable in your kitchen, so if changes need to be made, make them! Here is how to tell when you should remodel your kitchen and tips on how to remodel like a pro. Read More 

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inspiration to decorating your home

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